A bill proposed in the state of California, which would outlaw discrimination based on political beliefs, is facing heavy backlash from state Democrats, with the bill being branded as ‘misogynistic, racist and pro domestic terrorism’.

The bill, proposed by Republican state Senator Melissa Melendez, would allow political affiliation to become a protected class, like race and gender, so residents in the Golden State would no longer face discrimination based on their politics.

What does the bill entail?

The bill, labelled as the ‘Diversity of Thought Act’, will ensure that residents in California will be protected from the possibility of discrimination for their political affiliation when applying for bank loans, or seeking housing or employment.

This will be done via an amendment to the Fair Employment and Housing Act, which will enshrine political affiliation in law as a protected class in the Golden State.

She has also proposed a second bill, which is directed towards protecting young people from harassment and bullying in the education system for their political beliefs.

Melendez, a mother of five, small business owner and a veteran of the US Navy, believes that her bills will help combat cancel culture and the ‘climate of intolerance that has been established’.

It’s not easy being a Republican in California

This bill comes in the wake of numerous examples of Californian residents facing terrible discrimination for simply being a Conservative/Republican.

In 2018, a homeowner near the Sacramento area made national news after she stated that she would not sell her home to anyone who had voted for or supported the then President Donald Trump.

Numerous other businesses and tech companies in the state have faced lawsuits from their employees in the last few years, with the majority stating that they faced a backlash from the company because of their political beliefs.

So, why do the Democrats have an issue with a bill trying to outlaw discrimination?

A bill that would outlaw discrimination on the grounds of political affiliation, therefore protecting ordinary people based on what they believe in seems like a good idea, but to the Democrats, this bill will only protect those with so-called unsavoury opinions.

A Democratic member of the California Assembly, Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego, has fired back at Melendez’s proposals, citing that the people who choose to ‘hate’ and who choose to ‘actively pursue hate’ shouldn’t be deemed a part of the protected class.

This statement comes even after the state Assemblymember was caught on video showing off her own examples of hate, where she was caught shouting ‘F** Donald Trump’* at a campaign event for Senator Elizabeth Warren.

She has also previously expressed her disdain for others on Twitter, simply posting ‘F** Elon Musk’*, after the Tesla CEO has threatened to withdraw jobs out of the Golden State.

Melendez has responded to critics of the bill, stating that she finds it ‘unfathomable’ how easily companies and people online are able to ruin a person’s career or business just because of their political views.

She followed up by stating that ‘Free speech covers all speech, not just that with which you agree’.

This comes in the wake of ‘The Mandalorian’ actress Gina Carano losing her job and being ‘cancelled’ online for believing that Conservatives in the United States face similar discrimination and treatment to what was experienced by Jewish Germans in the 1930s, who would be insulted and assaulted on the streets by their neighbours because of their religious beliefs.