By using the constitutional process of impeachment as a political weapon, Democrats have set a political precedent that can be boomeranged back on them after the 2022 midterm elections. Lindsey Graham has warned that, once Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives, they may consider impeachment proceedings against Vice President Kamala Harris. According to Graham, Harris bears her share of responsibility for harm caused by one of the rioters who she bailed out of prison last summer. She led actions to get Minneapolis rioters out of jail only to see them return to the streets and injure people.

Democrats Have Set a Precedent

The point that Graham was making is that, by impeaching Trump twice, Democrats are opening Pandora’s box.

Control of the House is very much in play in the next election, and Republicans may have the power to open impeachment proceedings. After the partisan way that Democrats have acted, they should expect to play defense if they lose the House. Even though Democrats control both houses in Congress, January 2023 is less than two years away. The actions of public officials like Harris will be under the microscope, and there is no reason why the GOP should show any restraint after the witch hunts of the Trump years.

Harris Bailed Out Rioters Last Summer

Multiple Republicans have raised the issue of Harris’ legal risk after her actions during the riots in Minneapolis. Here, Harris acted without any regard for public safety and solely in the furtherance of her political ambitions. However, one person was seriously injured by one of the criminals who she bailed out of prison. The GOP may make her answer for this if they control Congress after 2022.