The Democrats and the establishment have tried concocting every imaginable excuse to stymie Donald Trump, remove him from power, and essentially kneecap him. They’ve managed to remove him from office under extremely questionable circumstances involving significant amounts of election fraud, but they are so terrified that he might run again in 2024 that they launched a bid to impeach him.

In doing so, they have blatantly flouted all law, all established legal precedent, and even the plain meanings of words.

As one Trump impeachment lawyer has recently pointed out, this has some almost unbelievably absurd implications for the future.

Impeachment is a tool that was specifically meant to remove a political office holder from office who was either corrupt, dangerous, or unable to carry out the duties of his office.

When Trump was impeached in the Senate — following, by the way, a “snap impeachment” which circumvented many traditional legal procedures — he was no longer the President of the United States. He was a private citizen who held no political office.

How, then, could someone who did not even hold political office be impeached for anything?

Trump was ultimately acquitted of all charges on February 13, but that was the fundamental absurdity at the heart of his whole trial. It undeniably demonstrated that Democrats cared nothing for the law and were simply inventing excuses to persecute Trump and maintain their hold on power.

Realizing this, Florida Senator Marco Rubio insinuated a probing question on the evening of Friday, February 12.

“Voting to convict the former president would create a new precedent that a former official can be convicted and disqualified by the Senate,” said Rubio.

“Is it not true that under this new precedent, a future House facing partisan pressure to ‘lock her up’ could impeach a former Secretary of State, and a future Senate forced to put her on trial and potentially disqualify her from any future office?” asked Rubio during the trial.

The official he was referring to was, of course, Hillary Clinton.

In response to Rubio’s question, Michael van der Veen, one of Trump’s impeachment lawyers simply said, “If you see it their way, yes.”

This is where the logic of the Democrats’ psychotic compulsion to persecute Trump leads.