The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump was obviously premised on complete and utter nonsense. Trump not only didn’t incite a riot on January 6, but he even urged his supporters to be peaceful in the very speech that the political establishment claims sparked the chaos of that day.

Despite this and many other obvious facts that clearly exonerate Trump, seven Republicans in the Senate voted to convict him. A number of Republicans in the House voted to impeach him.

Ultimately, this proved not to matter as the Senate failed to reach the required two-thirds majority needed to secure a conviction, but it does indicate something that close and perceptive observers of the Republican Party have always known about it—that it consists of a gaggle of careerists, sinecure-seekers, hacks, and spineless cowards.

Establishment Republicans seem to only exist in order to consolidate the gains made by the left.

Thankfully, the chickens are finally starting to come home to roost. Republican voters are waking up to this truth in droves and are finally starting to make the cowards in the establishment GOP pay for supporting this impeachment farce.

Unbelievably, one GOP representative was even rebuked by his own family for what he did.

The Establishment GOP Starts to Feel the Heat

A number of establishment Republicans are already starting to feel pressure for giving their sanction to the impeachment debacle and refusing to stand with Trump and their own voters. Liz Cheney and Ben Sasse, for example, are already facing censure from much of the rest of the party.

There is even a push to get Cheney removed from her position as House Republican Conference Chair.

Perhaps the most interesting backlash story, however, concerns Adam Kinzinger, a young Republican representative from Illinois.

In his case, members of his own family have expressed disappointment in his conduct.

Eleven members of Kinzinger’s family have signed a handwritten letter in which they call him a “disappointment to God” and many other things for supporting the impeachment of former President Donald Trump. Kinzinger says that he received the letter two days after he voted for impeachment.

The letter accuses Kinzinger of working with “the devil’s army (Democrats and the fake news media)” and asks him, “How do you call yourself a Christian?”

This strongly worded letter is just one sign of the growing fury that ordinary voters are feeling with the establishment GOP. As long as Republicans continue to be concerned only with their own maintenance of power, things like this can be expected to continue happening.