The administration team of President Joe Biden recently released a video of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki answering a series of softball questions from users on Twitter. The video was clearly a professionally produced video, offering favorable lighting and several cameras to deliver the best visual possible. In addition, Psaki was at an advantage because she most likely had access to the questions ahead of time, giving her plenty of time to craft answers that fit the narrative that Biden and his team are trying to push.

Small Business the Focus

Not surprisingly, during this challenging economic time due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, small business was the focus of one of the hand-picked questions.

One of the questions simply asked what the president was doing for small businesses. Psaki predictably answered that he nominated a female to head up the Small Business Administration (SBA), also pointing out that she had worked at that organization in the past.

What Does That Answer Prove

Psakiā€™s answer is perplexing for many reasons. First of all, what does gender have to do with being successful in your goals? Second of all, appointing somebody with extensive experience working in the government will not automatically translate to success. What would be better would be to appoint an actual small business owner who understands this unique position first-hand.

Better Answer

A better answer would have been to assure the American public and small business owners that the administration is committed to opening up the economy, encouraging energy prices to stay at a reasonable level, and enacting sound tax policy.