Criticism Comes After Cuomo’s Mishandling of COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo allegedly threatened a fellow Democratic political leader after he condemned the governor for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis last spring in the state’s nursing homes. New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim has been a harsh critic of Cuomo’s decision to allow nursing homes to admit patients who tested positive for the deadly virus, further exacerbating the spread of the illness within this vulnerable population. Kim’s uncle passed away in a nursing home last April while showing symptoms of the virus.

Kim Goes to New York Post

Kim went to the New York Post on Wednesday, telling the newspaper that Cuomo personally called him last week to threaten to destroy his career if he did not keep quiet about the brewing scandal.

Last week, Cuomo’s secretary admitted that the administration intentionally withheld death statistics that could be used against them by federal prosecutors.

Kim Introduces New Legislation

Earlier this week, Kim introduced new legislation that would take away Cuomo’s pandemic-related emergency powers. Kim also joined with eight more Assembly Democrats in signing a letter accusing Cuomo of obstructing justice by not accurately reporting the death data within nursing homes, trying to downplay the crisis to make the state look better. Cuomo has been accused of using the crisis to further his political aspirations.

Mainstream Media Props Up Cuomo

Many mainstream media outlets are not reporting extensively on this crisis, giving Cuomo a free pass. Cuomo became the media darling during the height of the pandemic last spring. However, it appears as if his fall from grace may be imminent.