White House press secretary Jen Psaki has by now become the butt of several jokes for her persistent refusal to answer questions from the press.

White House press briefings are ostensibly meant to be events at which journalists learn about the plans and agenda of the ruling administration, but with Psaki at the helm, they have become almost risibly uninformative.

For instance, she had earlier refused to say whether teachers would be required to get vaccinated before returning to teaching students in person. When the CDC had said that this was not necessary, Biden’s team was unwilling to concede this until being essentially forced to.

Moreover, in an even more comical blunder, Psaki took Biden’s claim of wanting to open most schools by April 30 and morphed it into the bare minimum idea of 5% of schools being open for at least one day per week.

This was so absurd that even Biden threw her under the bus and dismissed the exchange as a “mistaken communication.”

Well, Psaki has recently been asked a further question about schools reopening—specifically about Biden’s desire to provide $130 billion to schools in the coronavirus relief bill so that they could have necessary “resources.”

It’s difficult to say whether her response was unbelievably hilarious or incredibly terrifying.

Somehow, it managed to be both of these things at the same time.

Psaki Is Just Bland and Unimpressive

Speaking to ABC’s “This Week,” Psaki actually said that whether schools would receive that $130 billion in funding would not be contingent on whether they would agree to open.

Yes, she actually said that.

Specifically, when asked, “Does the President support the idea of making that funding in the American Rescue Plan contingent on schools reopening?” she replied, “That’s not a contingency that we’re putting in.”

That means that schools can get their share of the $130 billion pie and not even reopen. What in the world will that money be used for, then? Clearly, the teachers’ unions have gotten their pound of flesh.

This can only be described as blatant bilking on the American public in order to satisfy a special political constituency. Sadly, politicians do that all the time, but they’re usually artful enough not to admit it so brazenly.

This, it seems, is why Psaki squirms so hard to not answer questions.

She’s a hilariously unimpressive person. That someone like her could ascend to the position of White House press secretary is surely a sign of the times.