Perhaps one of the most depressing facts about human political behavior is that people just never seem to learn the lesson that politicians’ promises are meaningless and are all subject to being broken as soon as the politician who made them assumes power.

On the issue of Joe Biden and his promises and rhetoric related to immigration, we — and especially the left — are being forced to watch this pattern play out yet again.

Biden Betrays the Left on Immigration

Since Biden has become president, illegal crossings across the southern U.S. border have exploded. Almost certainly, the reason for this has been some combination of Biden’s lax border enforcement policies and his open borders rhetoric, which has encouraged countless people to stream across the border in the hopes of reviving generous American welfare benefits and higher-paying jobs than are available in their home countries.

Previously, Biden had seemed to convey the impression that ICE should not strive to deport illegals. However, in a move that should surprise no one who has experience seeing how politicians behave, but which has rendered the left utterly apoplectic, Biden has apparently reversed this previous stance.

Starting on Feb. 18, Biden began issuing new guidance to ICE and ordering them to being ramping up deportations again. This has left prominent leftist individuals and organizations absolutely livid.

The ACLU, for instance, described the decision as “a disappointing step backward from the Biden Administration’s earlier commitments to fully break from the harmful deportation policies” of his predecessors.

Immigration hawks will find little to cheer in this move, however, as this new guidance essentially represents a return to the deportation and immigration policies that prevailed under Obama.

Prior to the Obama Administration, would-be illegal immigrants who crossed the U.S. border and were immediately caught by ICE and returned to their home countries would not be counted as “deportations.” Only those illegals who had already been living in the country for some time would be so counted. Once Obama redefined “deportation,” he was able to artificially ramp up his figures. If you apply the same redefinition retroactively to Obama’s predecessors, his deportation numbers no longer look so impressive.

At the very least, though, the new guidance demands that illegal immigrants are to be immediately deported. This is at least slightly better than total open borders.

Democrats, realizing they have a problem on their hands, have moved to introduce an amnesty bill.

Of course, Biden has already said that he would support such a bill. Will this promise be betrayed as well?

We don’t know, but that’s just how things work in politics. No one has any right to be surprised if Biden rejects support for the bill.