Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hilary Clinton is set to co-author a political thriller novel with Canadian writer Louise Penny, which allegedly takes a dig at the former President Donald Trump, who beat Clinton to the presidency in 2016.

A press release from the novel’s publishers states that the novel, titled ‘A State of Terror’, will be released on October 12th of this year, and will follow a newly appointed Secretary of State.

Who is Louise Penny?

Louise Penny is a Canadian novelist, well regarded as one of the greatest writers in the country.

She started her career at the Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation, after completing a Bachelor of Applied Arts for Radio and Television.

After leaving the CBC, she turned to writing, which led her down a very successful career path. She earned numerous awards for her work, including the Agatha Award for the best mystery novel of the year five times, as well as winning this award for four consecutive years between 2007 and 2010.

She also won the Anthony Award for best novel of the year five times, which also included her winning this for another four consecutive years between 2010 and 2013.

She is now an international bestseller, with many of her books topping the lists of The New York Times and USA Today.

Her ‘Chief Inspector Armand Gamache’ novella series has also been translated into 31 different languages to be sold around the world.

Penny’s work was soon recognized in 2013 as she received the Order of Canada for her contributions towards Canadian culture.

‘The State of Terror’

According to the synopsis released on Axios, The State of Terror follows the story of a novice Secretary of State who joins the administration of her political ‘rival’, who is the new President of the United States, just inaugurated after 4 years of chaos which saw America’s standing on the world stage decrease significantly.

It is believed the latter part of the synopsis takes aim at Trump, with numerous Democrats accusing the former President of ‘diminishing’ the position and reputation of the United States on the global front.

The synopsis continues, stating the story will follow the Secretary as she assembles a team to combat ‘deadly conspiracy theories’ after numerous ‘terrorist attacks throw the global order into disarray’.

It continues, stating these conspiracy theories are designed to take advantage of the American government, which is ‘dangerously out of touch’ with its people.

The former Secretary of State has been very vocal throughout the term of the former President Donald Trump, where just last month she suggested that Trump had been just a puppet for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She stated that she would have liked to have gained access to Trump’s phone records, in order to see if he had been talking with Putin on the day of the Capitol Hill riots.

Clinton also stated that it was a ‘dream come to true’ to be able to work with Louise Penny, who claims to have ‘relished every one of her books’.

Penny also expressed her excitement to be able to work with a politician of Clinton’s stature, stating that she ‘couldn’t have said yes quick enough’.

She stated her excitement at being able to dive into the mind of a former Secretary of State, allowing her base her character on real-world experiences.

Penny also states that whilst working together, she asked Clinton what her worst nightmare was when she was the Secretary of State.

Her response?

A State of Terror.