The Conservative Political Action Conference speech, set to occur later this week in Orlando, Florida, is expected to be former President Trump’s most important public appearance since he left the White House in January.

The information about Trump’s daily thoughts and activities has been largely unknown since his ban from major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

His unclear unwillingness to use platforms such as Parler only added to the confusion.

Yet, thanks to the Axios website, the main points from Trump’s upcoming speech have reached the public.

Announcement of 2024 run?

According to Axios, the main takeaway from Trump’s speech will be his announcement of a potential candidacy for the 2024 general election as a Republican candidate.

Trump will aim to show that he is still in possession of the major support from Republican voters.

An anonymous Trump ally told Axios that the main goal of Trump’s speech will be to show that the former President still has power over things even though he was removed both from the White House and social media.

By the end of the week, several Trump advisors are likely to come to his Palm Beach resort to discuss the former President’s future actions, including Trump’s plans regarding the upcoming 2022 midterm election.

During and after the speech, Trump is expected to place himself as a leader of the Republican party and, as such, take part in selecting the candidates for the next election.

According to Axios, Trump plans to establish a screening procedure for each Republican willing to obtain Trump’s support for the midterms.

Besides that, Trump’s speech is very likely to center on the criticism of the current U.S. administration.

A lot depends on Republicans who criticized Trump

Some commentators suggest that, even if he does not run for president in 2024, the announcement of such a move will likely help Trump better his position in the GOP.

Some of them even think that Trump already has no plans of returning to the White House but rather wants to take control over the Republican party and maintain the influence of his supporters and ideology that way.

Part of why Trump might not opt for another White House bid has to do with a lot of risks involved: primarily the fact that such a move would almost certainly be very financially costly.

Most of the former President’s moves after the speech will clearly depend on the speech’s reception among Republicans.

Many insiders think that the speech will help Trump solidify his support but the existence of several high-profile Republicans who publicly criticized Trump or even voted for his impeachment suggest that taking control over the GOP would not be an easy ride.