Tucker Carlson has gained hatred from the left again after a brilliant 12-minute monologue was aired on Fox News last night, where he mocked broadcasters CNN and MSNBC after he analyzed disinformation spread by the networks which fuelled the Black Lives Matter riots and multiple other events.

After his unintentional, hilarious segment, members from the left took to Twitter to try and cancel Carlson, for about the 1000th time, all because he is right.

What did he discuss in the segment?

Throughout his monologue, Carlson took aim at CNN and MSNBC for churning out fake news regarding police shootings and other protests, where he cited that the networks were deliberately spreading misinformation regarding events.

During the segment, he cited a research paper, written by the Skeptic Research Centre, which discovered that a large number of people who identify with the left believed that over 1,000 unarmed African-Americans were shot dead by white police officers in 2019 alone.

As Tucker points out, the true number of this statistic was actually 27, only 973 shy of the number that liberals believed.

This is where his segment takes off, as he noted that he then embroiled himself on a search to discover where this misinformation came from.

Carlson cited that his search took him all day, as he attempted to locate the website of the infamous QAnon, which doesn’t actually exist.

He then stated that he directed his attention towards the Twitter feed of Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene since CNN had been running the story that she constantly spreads disinformation.

Alas, nothing was uncovered

This led Tucker to then ask the question; ‘who is lying to America?’

Carlson took aim again, stating that networks such as CNN and MSNBC, as well as high profile Democratic politicians, are the core source of the spread of disinformation regarding police shootings.

He followed up this accusation by rolling clips of news anchors and guests, who peddled incorrect statistics and statements which many believe have been a key ingredient to the violence conducted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter over the summer.

TV host then referenced the Jacob Blake shooting, in which many left-leaning media outlets claimed that Blake was unarmed when he was shot 7 times in the back.

This eventually was revealed to be untrue, from the mouth of Jacob Blake nonetheless, who stated in his first media appearance after the shooting that he was in fact armed with a knife.


After his segment aired last night, the left does what they always do when someone calls out their lies; they attempt to cancel.

Luckily, Tucker Carlson has faced cancel culture more times than he can count, always coming out of the other side.

However, last night was different, but in an incredibly hilarious way.

Numerous left-wing commentators, such as CNN’s own Brian Stelter, tried to take Carlson’s words out of context, which inadvertently proved his point; that CNN deliberately spreads disinformation to the public.

On Twitter, Stelter quote retweets a post that has a 20-second clip from Tucker’s show, where he states he couldn’t locate any website related to QAnon.

Stelter, amongst others, attempted to spin this as Carlson denying the existence of QAnon conspiracy theories, which is not what he said in the entire 12-minute segment.

The tragic irony of the left’s reaction to Carlson’s show last night was there for all to see, as CNN pundits jumped on Stelter’s bandwagon, taking Carlson’s QAnon comments completely out of context, which ended up actually proving his point that major news networks in America are deliberately lying and spreading disinformation to the America public.

CNN, MSNBC, please; never stop being hilariously ignorant!