My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s tireless campaign to bring awareness to the enormous amount of election fraud that happened during the 2020 presidential election is truly something to behold.

Lindell has produced a two-hour documentary on the subject at his own expense called “Absolute Proof,” and it discusses much of this evidence in great detail. In particular, the documentary shows direct evidence of precisely which voting machines were hacked in which states on election night.

Astonishingly, many of these attacking computers were in places like China, Germany, Spain, and Russia.

Bear in mind that Dominion Voting Systems has repeatedly insisted that its voting machines cannot be connected to the internet and were not connected during the election. If that were true, it would make what Lindell has shown impossible.

But it is possible, and Lindell has shown direct evidence of it happening.

Despite this, Dominion has launched a defamation lawsuit against Lindell. This is on top of the fact that he has been blacklisted from almost all major news networks and has had many of his social media accounts deleted.

Dominion’s Lawsuit

Dominion’s $1.3 billion suit against Lindell alleges that the My Pillow CEO has only been making claims of election fraud in 2020 for the sake of drawing attention to himself and selling more of his products.

Dominion’s court filing describes Lindell as “a talented salesman” and says that he made a practice of offering discounts on his pillows to customers if they used coupon codes like “FightForTrump.”

This, the lawsuit implies, was simply a tactic on Lindell’s part to snooker in Trump voters and get them to buy his pillows.

To further drag Lindell’s name through the mud—which is ironic, given that Dominion is accusing him of defamation—the lawsuit refers to him as a “former professional card counter.” Lindell has also had well-known battles in the past with addiction to crack cocaine. He has publicly acknowledged this addiction. However, he has beaten it and has, in fact, set up his own Christian-based rehab center, Lindell Recovery Centers, to help people with similar troubles.

The Streisand Effect

Dominion would do well to learn the lessons observed in something called the Streisand Effect.

In a word, this is something that often occurs when people attempt to hide or cover up information about a certain subject. Rather than vanishing, the subject explodes, and more people begin talking about it—precisely because of the attempted cover-up.

Lindell has said that he wanted Dominion to sue him as this would bring additional publicity to his election fraud claims. Also, through the discovery phase of the suit, Lindell would be able to gather all of the election fraud evidence he needs directly from Dominion.

Will Dominion’s efforts to shut Lindell up backfire? It appears so, but many things still remain to be seen.