Former President Donald Trump has made some big plans during a long meeting held Thursday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to reports, the most important decision was the election of Corey Lewandowski as the head of the political action committee (PAC) Trump intends to form to navigate his future political moves.

Lewandowski already worked with Trump

Lewandowski, a political strategist and a founder of political consulting firm Lewandowski Strategic Advisors, has served as Trump’s campaign manager and political advisor in 2016.

Yet, he was soon fired due to some disagreements with Trump’s family members.

Lewandowski did not provide any comments regarding the allegation.

Former President’s spokesman Jason Miller told reporters that Trump supporters would be thrilled about the team about to be congregated to run the future PAC but that he is currently not in a position to reveal any further details.

However, that Miller knows something more is clear from the fact that he participated in the Thursday meeting.

Other participants included Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., former White House director of the social media Dan Scavino, and former Trump’s campaign managers Bill Stepien, Brad Parscale, and Justin Clark.

Yet, some sources familiar with the meeting suggest that not all plans are finalized and that some of them might even be changed at the last minute.

PAC would act as a funding ‘bank’ for the 2022 election

Probably the biggest goal of Trump’s team would be to establish a super PAC.

Such an organization would enable the former President to receive an unlimited amount of donations for his political activities in the future.

Soon after the 2020 general election, Trump has established a leadership PAC called Save America, which managed to collect U.S. $31.5 million by the end of the last year.

The institution of the super PAC would help Trump transfer funds from other sources and skyrocket his campaign for the 2022 midterm election.

Allegedly, Trump aims to support Republican candidates who would potentially replace the House Republicans who voted for his impeachment and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who Trump blames for not overturning the results of the 2020 general election in Georgia, one of the states that proved to be vital for the Biden’s win.