The Conservative Political Action Conference enters its final day tomorrow in Orlando, Florida, where former President Donald Trump is due to give his first public address since he left the White House.

One thing that was definitely uncovered at CPAC, even though we all knew it, was that support for the former President remains unwavering, with multiple GOP Senators expressing their support for The Donald, including the likes of Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

The event was moved to Florida due to the current relaxation of Covid rules in the Sunshine States, yet organizers still asked the crowd to wear masks, to which many refused.

CPAC: A summary

The Conservative Political Action Conference is always an exciting, jam-packed time of the year, in which numerous, high-profile Conservatives are getting the opportunity to address the nation in ways like no other.

This year wasn’t any different, with Sen. Ted Cruz taking to the crowd to laugh and joke over his trip to Cancun, for which he received undeserved media criticism for trying to protect his family.

However, the CPAC confirmed the fears that fringe Republicans and the entire Democratic Party hold; that being a simple fact that Donald Trump is here to stay.

The Impeachment sham at the start of the year wasn’t thrown around because the Democrats actually cared about protecting people.

If they did, then they would’ve been up in arms over the unarmed, white veteran that was shot dead by Capitol Police.

However, they don’t care

The main focus seems to be ensuring that the former President cannot run again, fearing that he will easily win a second term.

These fears were brought to life after numerous speakers at the CPAC voiced their support for the former President, paving the way for him to be nominated as the Republican presidential candidate for 2024, even fringe Republicans such as Mitt Romney admitted that any attempts to cast Trump out of the mainstream GOP will be met with failure.

The Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ movement has now evolved in its entirety, as confirmed by the conference this week, where the mainstream GOP continued to embrace him and his policies.

Not only could one of the worst fears of the Democrats become a reality if Trump receives the nomination again in 2024, but a far greater, hidden fear could reveal itself in the years to come after Trump.

The thing is, not only do the Democrats fear another four years of Trump, they fear that his exciting policies will remain long after he is gone, which is why they attempted to impeach him twice.

Trumpism is a thing now

However, given the CPAC reaction to the former President, alongside his record-breaking voter tally, it is very easy to conclude that the MAGA movement has evolved throughout the GOP, meaning that popular, Trump-era policies will be sticking around for years to come, and are becoming more and more embraced by the wider Republican party base.

The minority of Republican leaders who oppose him are slowly beginning to accept this new reality.

Trumpism, MAGA, America First; whatever you want to call it, is here to stay for the foreseeable future, after a record number of votes for an incumbent President who survived a plethora of media and Democrat lies, the policies he set out are now being embraced, and this exercise alone will help the GOP win big in 2022 and in 2024.