Now that Biden—a husk of a man everyone knows to be suffering from dementia and cognitive decline—has been installed into office, the next step in the left’s narrative may safely commence.

That next step, oddly enough, is to cast Biden as mentally incompetent and thus work to transfer his authority to Kamala Harris and other members of the radical left.

It’s already starting, in fact. On February 22, 31 Democratic members of Congress wrote a letter to Biden in which they asked him to relinquish his sole control over the nation’s nuclear launch codes.

Dems’ Letter to Biden

The letter—fronted by Congressmen Ted Liu and Jimmy Panetta but signed by, among others, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley—certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in Biden’s ability to defend America from external threats or be a wise steward over its nuclear arsenal.

Referring to the president’s control over nuclear launch codes, it declares that “vesting one person with this authority entails real risks.” The letter then goes on to insinuate that former President Trump once seriously threatened to nuke North Korea as an example of one of these “risks.” But of course, apart from the fact that only a fool would think that such a threat was ever made seriously, shouldn’t Democrats be rejoicing that Trump is out of office and that Biden has replaced him?

The fact that such a letter was issued clearly indicates that Biden’s own party has no confidence in his mental fitness to be president. And these concerns are not like the fake concerns voiced by Never Trump Republicans when Trump was president.

The establishment GOP attacked Trump simply because he was a political outsider, and it saw him as a threat to its power. But Biden is as much of an establishment insider among Democrats as it is possible to be.

The letter further recommends that Biden consider sharing power over the nuclear launch codes with “officials in the line of succession”—including, in this case, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi—as well as that he agrees not to launch a nuclear strike without the certification of the Secretary of Defense and a congressional declaration of war.

Of course, the Constitution already enshrines the last of these suggestions, but presidents since the end of World War II have all ignored it.

But the important thing here is that Democrats are shaking in their boots and asking the president to surrender one of his primary powers because they fear that Biden could either blow his top or launch a strike with no idea of what he’s done.

They clearly know that Biden is senile.