Rob Reiner, an American actor and director, has labelled the Republican Party as ‘the party of white nationalism’, whilst claiming that Donald Trump is the ‘greatest gift’ that the Democratic Party could have ever hoped for, after his election loss to Joe Biden.

Reiner made the remarks whilst appearing on MSNBC, attacking the GOP and the former President throughout.

What were his comments?

Reiner presented the type of arguments that you would expect from one of the Hollywood elites, many of whom are stubborn supporters of the Democratic Party who used their wide platform to spread lies about the Trump Administration over the last four years.

Reiner appeared on MSNBC for an interview, you know, that news network that spent the last fours years spouting lies regarding Russia, the same network like many who manipulated the Capitol Hill riots to seem as if the former President had directly ordered his supporters to be violent.

Yeah, that’s the one.

Anyway, Reiner claimed on MSNBC that Donald Trump was a gift to the Democratic Party, referencing a book written by Rick Wilson called ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies’, citing the book to claim this is true of the former President’s business and political career.

He claims Trump to be a loser, but that just isn’t the case

Trump won the White House, beating a woman with a distinguished political career after his campaign was treated as a joke by the media and by many establishment Republicans.

He then used his success in the general election to move onto the midterms, where the Republicans increased their Senate majority.

He cites the impeachment trials as two more reasons why he is a loser, but again, this is terribly inaccurate.

In literal terms, yes, he got impeached twice, but these process’ now mean nothing, as the Democrats used the impeachment order to score political points, sucking the meaning out of impeachment altogether (also Trump was acquitted both times, in case Reiner forgot!)

‘The party of white nationalism’

Another predictable, baseless comment made by a Hollywood elitist, the same comments you see them all make, nowadays don’t mean anything.

Reiner labelled the entire GOP as ‘the party of white nationalism’, claiming, without evidence, that the Republican Party wants to prevent people of colour from voting, whilst maintain that America is kept ‘only for white people’.

Naturally, the misguided outburst was about as informative as you’d expect; that being no information to back up his baseless claims were given.

It’s always such a shame to see an individual from Hollywood openly be off hinge on the air without being picked up for it, but then again, it is to be expected nowadays!