The Twitter account belonging to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that sends public safety alerts has been locked and set to private, approved followers, by the Biden Administration, who runs all of the official, government social media accounts.

The account gives off alerts on Twitter if any illegal immigrants are free and considered dangerous.

These alerts give off information such as the location of the illegal alien as well as their past criminal convictions.

Why has the account been locked?

The @ICEalerts account was set up by the Obama Administration in 2013 in order to alert the public whenever an illegal alien with a criminal background had escaped from custody.

The privatizing of this account, meaning the admin of the account has to approve followers, was pointed out by a former Trump Administration immigration advisor, who indirectly acted as the alert system by posting alert photos of some illegal immigrants who were on the run in the communities.

Jon Feere, a former senior advisor to ICE, tweeted the change out to the public, alerting Americans that the Biden Administration had locked access to the ICE alerts account.

He claims that the account was locked due to the fact that if an individual was to report the location of one of the criminal aliens, then it would become ‘increasingly obvious’ that these illegal aliens, who are criminals, are now being allowed to roam free thanks to the policies of the Biden Administration.

The ICE public safety account also used to tweet out information regarding the most wanted illegal aliens on Wednesday, a weekly post that was dubbed ‘Most Wanted Wednesday’ during the Trump Administration.

However, through the Biden Administration, up until the point of the account access being locked, this has yet to occur.

Feere suggests that this means the new administration doesn’t actually care about public safety, so he has taken it on himself, using his personal account to tweet out numerous graphics that holds information regarding the most wanted, fugitive illegal immigrants that have been released by the now Biden-run ICE.

The President of the United States is meant to protect the lives and liberty of all citizens, however, it seems as this President would rather preserve the liberty of criminal, illegal aliens that enter the country.