Joe Biden’s many verbal faux pas have often been quite hilarious. It’s tempting to laugh when he screams, “Come on, man!” or insinuates that news anchors have been using cocaine, but behind all of the joking, there has always been profound worry and fear.

This man—who regularly appears to forget where he is, who often gets deer-in-the-headlights looks plastered on his face, who struggles to complete even quite simple sentences when he speaks—ran for president despite his clearly accelerating cognitive decline.

And now, he is president.

And the verbal and cognitive stumbles just keep coming. This latest one is actually quite disturbing.

The media—shameless toadies and sycophants that they are—have been trying to dismiss Biden’s cognitive decline as a series of “gaffes,” but this simply cannot be masked any longer.

Biden Fumbles and Stumbles

While speaking on Saturday, February 27, Biden attempted to rattle off the names of several prominent Democratic politicians. He was totally unable to do so without losing his place. In fact, he fumbled so badly that he even surprised himself.

Biden tried to refer to Shir-Shirley Jackson Lee, Al Green, and Sylvia Garcia and then got to Lizzie Pannill and referred to her as “Lizzie Penelley.” Then, Biden started tripping over his words:

“… ugh, uh, excuse me, Pannill, and uh, what am I doing here? I’m gonna lose track here.”

First of all, the representative from Texas is named Sheila Jackson Lee, not Shirley. And secondly, the fact that Biden wondered aloud what he was doing is quite a bit unnerving and very telling.

Biden’s wife has to do joint interviews with him nearly all the time to prevent him from embarrassing himself like this. When Joe wondered what he was doing here, people can be charitable enough to assume that he wasn’t deliberately referring to the presidency, but that interpretation of his words certainly beckons close observation.

If this does not signal his cognitive deterioration and his lack of fitness to be president, what in the world possibly could?

Perhaps the funniest thing is that Biden’s remark indicates that even he himself is aware of his own cognitive decline, though the media is desperate to hide it and lie about it.

“What am I doing here?” wondered Joe.

Indeed. What is he doing there?