As well as passing the ‘For the People’ act, which infringes on the financial privacy of all Americans, House Democrats also passed another bill late Wednesday evening, which many believe will effectively ‘defund the police’, by tearing millions upon millions of dollars away from police departments, which will force numerous departments to make significant budget cuts.

The bill received bipartisan support against it, with only partisan Democrat support for it, with the bill passing by 220-210.

One Republican accidentally voted for the bill, Rep. Lance Gooden, who stated after the result announcement that he meant to vote against, as well as changing his official voting record to reflect that.

Two Democrats joined the Republicans in voting against the bill.

What does the bill entail?

House Minority Leader, Republican Kevin McCarthy, has stated that this bill, officially labeled as H.R. 1280, will cost police departments ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’, a figure that he states will be the equivalent of taking 3,000 officers off the streets, all to appease the far-left who demanded radical police defunding, which will make the streets of America a very dangerous place.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claims that the ‘George Floyd Justice in Policing Act’ will address issues such as ‘systemic racism and police brutality’.

She states that the bill will introduce bans on chokeholds and no-knock warrants, as well as combating racial profiling and creating new, strong standards of policing.

The Ranking Member on the Budget Committee and the Ranking Member on the Judiciary Committee, Republicans Jason Smith and Jim Jordan, sent a joint letter to Phillip Swagel, the Congressional Budget Office Director, in order to express their concerns regarding the bill, and the potential ramifications it may carry into American life.

The pair state that they believe this bill ‘significantly undermines’ the $85 million threshold set out in the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995, whilst stating that the provisions of the bill will result in ‘additional cost to state, local and tribal governments’ that could tally in the region in hundreds of millions of dollars.

They ask that the CBO carefully considers the bill and publish the costs that the bill will impose, as they believe the costs of H.R. 1280 will deprive police departments of the funds required to operate and provide adequate policing to keep communities safe.

Jordan also claims that the bill was developed without any Republican Representative having a say.

Did the Democrats reject the chance to condemn ‘polish abolishment’?

Jim Jordan continued to argue that the bill does nothing to combat local efforts to defund police departments, which would seriously damage the abilities of law enforcement to effectively carry out their duties and protect their local communities.

However, Republican Representative Nicole Malliotakis offered the Democrats a lifeline, with her proposed amendment that would allow the House to recognize and appreciate the work that the men and women of the law enforcement carry out, as well as condemning any calls to ‘defund, disband, dismantle or abolish’ police departments.

Unsurprisingly, 219 Democrats voted against her amendment, meaning it was unable to pass, effectively showing their complete discontent and hatred for the men and women that protect ordinary Americans every single day.