The Guardian ad litem, or GALs for short, are a group of family court ‘guardians’ that are appointed by a judge in order to represent a child in a custody case, paid for by the family of that child.

However, this collective has recently found themselves in some very hot water in the St Louis County courts, after a Zoom meeting was leaked to the public, where 38 GALs discussed numerous judges and a plot to hire a private investigator in order to dox an online newsletter that had been reporting on them and their cases.

Some backstory…

The GALs at the St Louis County Circuit courts had a very good thing going for them, representing numerous clients across a vast number of cases, pocketing a decent paycheck.

However, this all came tumbling down when GAL Elaine Pudlowski and psychologist Dr. James Reid had a lawsuit filed against them by Evita Tolu, in order to expose the pair and many others, including numerous other GALs, in what appears to be one of the largest ‘cash grab schemes’ in the family court system.

Tolu accuses Pudlowski and Reid of conspiring to use her custody case as a way to get rich through the system, whilst sending her child off to someone she labeled as an ‘abuser’.

She alleges that the group of GALs, alongside court-appointed psychologists, dragged out her case by three years in order to ‘drain her accounts’ as well as leaving her psychologically traumatized and alienated from her children.

She accuses the pair, and numerous others, of creating a ‘get rich’ scheme that lines their pockets throughout these custody cases whilst parents are left broken in more ways than one.

Tolu accuses these allegations mainly on Pudlowski, who she claims pockets the most and she is a constant figure in numerous child custody cases.

Pudlowski earned $30,000 from Tolu’s case, as well as claiming $71,000 and $80,000 on two cases prior to hers, all of which had to be paid for by the parents of the child.

Court records also show that Pudlowski had worked on 86 cases throughout the month of December, whilst working with Reid on 12 of them.

The Zoom meeting…

Shortly after Tolu filed her lawsuit against Pudlowski and Reid, the pair, alongside 37 other GALs, held a Zoom meeting to discuss the logistics of the case, as well as another topic that led to the meeting getting leaked.

GALs are considered as attorneys and as officers of the court, so they all absolutely have studied and understood the Constitution of the United States to the letter, including the First Amendment, like freedom of the press.

This understanding thereby makes it incredibly shocking, once this video was leaked, to see GALs conspiring to hire a private investigator to take down an independent newsletter that was covering their cases and the alleged ‘scheme’.

The GALs were caught plotting against Daily Docket News, an online newsletter that has been covering extensively these court cases, investigating what they call a ‘Kids for Cash’ scheme that they say will get these lawyers rich and the families poor, just like what Tolu has alleged against Pudlowski.

The video leaked depicts the lawyers describing that would hire a private investigator at around $400 per hour in order to dox the small, online news site, after they accused the GALs at the St Louis County courts of using children stuck in the court, trafficking those children and their families through the relevant system and cases in order to fill their pockets and the pockets of the other professions involved, such as psychologists, anger management companies and mediation companies.

If DDN was way off with their accusations and investigation, then the GALs would feel no need to take such extreme, and potentially career-ending action, right?

If this were in a court of law, the Jury would have already made their decision!