House Speaker Calls Trump’s Remarks “Made Up”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has denied the claims of former President Donald Trump, alleging that she declined the offer of an additional 10,000 National Guard troops to protect the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Pelosi’s camp said that Trump’s remarks were “completely made up.”

Trump’s Appearance on Fox News

Trump made the comments during a television appearance on Fox News on Sunday night. The former president told host Steve Hilton that leaders in Congress rejected his offer to provide more support in advance of the attacks. Trump said they offered the troops in an effort to support Capitol police leading up to the official counting of the electoral votes. The comments by Trump echoed what former chief of staff Mark Meadows had previously said about the discussions in advance of January 6.

Trump Said He Offered to Provide More Troops

According to Trump, his team told the Department of Defense in the days prior to the attacks that the crowds descending on Washington, D.C., may be bigger than anticipated. As such, the White House offered to bring in 10,000 additional National Guard troops to help contain the crowd if needed. Trump said that congressional leaders refused this offer, putting the Capitol in a vulnerable position that day.

Pelosi’s Denial

It did not take long for Pelosi to deny that her leadership team turned down the offer of additional troops. Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill vehemently denied the claim. In addition, the Washington Post said that they could not find any request for the additional troops by the White House.