Biden became the first president since 1981 to not address both bodies of Congress before March 1. The last president who did not address a joint meeting of Congress was one-term President Jimmy Carter. The president who has long been hiding behind closed doors has so far failed to take up this opportunity to lay out his plan to Congress and the American people.

Jen Psaki Says There’s No Plan

The Associated Press and PBS thought that Joe would address a joint session on February 23. They later pulled any mention of their story. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says that she has no idea where that information came from.

Mainstream Media Defends Biden

The mainstream media has been quick to point out that there is no requirement that the president gives a State of the Union address during his first year in office. If the president can give a 90-minute speech without using a teleprompter, why would he not end those rumors by doing so?

Excuses for No State of the Union Address

The media would also like you to believe that the January 6 capital riot or COVID was to blame for not hosting a joint session. Many think that the president’s handlers are merely grasping at straws instead of admitting that the president cannot do it. That raises other questions about how long they can keep President Biden hidden from the people he was elected to serve.

If the rumble from Congress and the American people becomes loud enough, then they may have to admit that he cannot do the job. This would be a clear sign that it is time for Kamala Harris to step up as president.