A theory that is held in high regard by many Republicans is that President Joe Biden is simply a puppet for the Democrats, and will be replaced by Vice President Kamala Harris when the time is right.

Well, at the House Democrats’ 2021 Democratic Issues Conference on Wednesday, the White House threw fuel on the fire of these beliefs, after they cut off his live stream right before he was about to answer questions from the press.

A mockery?

Before his cut off, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made a mockery of his position, as she recalled a story where her young grandchildren stated that they ‘loved Biden’ during the 2013 Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, stating that ‘Open Biden’ was their magic word.

She claims that the children were excited to see the then Vice President make an address at the DCCC, as they had heard about him through one of their cousins.

Pelosi, who attended the 2013 event with her husband and their two grandchildren, was given the honor of introducing the President of the United States at the House Democrats’ 2021 Democratic Issues Conference, using the term ‘Open Biden’ as coined by her grandchildren in her introduction, effectively making the most powerful man in the west seem like a child.

But that’s not all.

The mask slips?

As mentioned previously, numerous Republicans believe in a theory that the Democrats will replace Joe Biden as President with a more radical candidate, someone like the current Vice President Kamala Harris, who was incredibly unpopular with the Democratic voters in the primaries.

As the President concluded his address at the HDDIC, he stated that he would be happy to answer any questions ‘if that is what he is supposed to do’, before going on to say to Nancy Pelosi that he would do ‘whatever you want me to do’.

After he concluded that rather shocking statement, his live stream from the White House was cut off before any question was able to be asked of the President, who is still yet to undertake a solo press conference in his 44 days of being President.

The conclusion of this event provided even more fuel to the fire to the beliefs held by many Republicans, with the White House looking to keep the President silent after he inadvertently exposed the strings that ‘Nance’ holds him by.

Everyone knows that this President is a big fan of masks, however, the longer his presidency drags out, the quicker his mask starts to slip.