Donald Trump said it long ago: The media is the enemy of the people.

In its efforts to manipulate the public, the mainstream corporate media doesn’t usually lie outright about factual matters — although that certainly does happen from time to time. Rather, the main weapons in the media’s arsenal of dishonesty are things like biased framing, deliberate exclusion of important context, and of course, the ever-popular reliance on “unnamed sources” as a way of inserting nonsense into the conversation without ever having to take any responsibility for what happens if the things said by the “sources” turn out to be totally untrue.

In the reporting on a recent case involving Arizona State University, in which Rae’ Lee Klein, a conservative student journalist, was removed from her management position at the university’s Blaze Radio, we see all of these things in shameful and ignominious relief.

Deliberate Media Misframing

The basic rundown of the events in this story are as follows: In August, Klein put out a tweet regarding the shooting of Jacob Blake, a man who was shot seven times, wounded and paralyzed by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The media narrative surrounding this event, blared out to everyone before any evidence or facts had time to come out about the incident, was that Blake was an innocent man whom the police callously attacked while he had his back turned to them. Of course, as was later revealed, Blake was reaching for a knife at the time he was shot. Furthermore, Blake had a history of domestic abuse and had been convicted of injuring police officers and carrying concealed weapons in the past. He had also been charged multiple times with sexual assault against the very woman at whose home police found him.

Klein’s tweet pointed things like this out, but she was nevertheless viciously excoriated as a racist and was accused of trying to justify a murder.

For instance, when reporting on Klein’s ouster, The Republic said, “In the aftermath of police shooting Jacob Blake… Klein shared a New York Post article with graphic details from a police report accusing Blake of sexual assault… Many interpreted her post as justifying or excusing police brutality against Black people.”

This is utter nonsense. Klein pointed out that the police were actually called to the scene and that they found a domestic dispute in progress. The police tried to resolve that dispute, but Blake got aggressive with them. He was even tased, but his aggressive behavior continued.

Klein simply said that context matters. The police would have responded to an equivalent situation involving a white man in the same way, and nothing suggests that anyone was trying to justify any kind of violent behavior by police against Black people.

Speaking to the Western Journal, Klein said that she thought that many of the “journalists” spreading false and malicious stories about her in the local press were not full-time journalists, but ASU students who were interning there and who were attempting to defame her for political reasons.