The campaign to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom is close to reaching a massive milestone of 2 million signatures, as Californians express their discontent towards him.

As the number of signatures goes up, it appears that the Governor grows even more desperate, spewing out policy after policy that his administration has been sitting on for months, in his attempt to cling onto his job.

The ‘Recall Gavin 2020’ campaign has until the 17th of March to get all acquired signatures to the office of the secretary of state, in order to have them all verified so an election can be called.

How desperate has Newsom become?

The campaign to recall Gov. Newsom needed to hit 1.497 million signatures to enact both the recall and the replacement election onto the same ballot, and with their current figure standing at 1.943 million, they have a significant margin of error when it comes to verifying the signatures.

This has caused the Governor to become rather desperate in his position, as he feels his power slipping away, despite the House passing the H.R. 1 bill this week, which will make it easier for Democrats to toss signatures out in order to protect Newsom’s fragile position.

However, his recent actions have indicated that he is starting to succumb to the pressure that has been building upon him over the last few months, in order to appease many angry Californians who are demanding his recall.

His office has announced numerous plans over the last few weeks in order to slowly drag the state out of the seemingly endless lockdown.

Just a few days ago, Newsom announced that outdoor sports, including high school football, will be allowed to take place alongside Covid precautions after a siege of criticism from parents forced his hand.

Following that, he announced a payment ‘plan’ in order to get teachers back into the classrooms across California, a move many have described as a bribe.

Newsom fell to even more pressure just yesterday, as he announced that basketball, volleyball, and water polo players at the high school level will be allowed to return and compete again after a collective of parents threatened to sue the administration if they didn’t give in.

Will the recall campaign work?

Despite the opinion polls giving Newsom a 43% approval rating, the feeling throughout the state of California is that he will soon be out of a job, as Randy Economy, a spokesperson for the ‘Recall Gavin 2020’ campaign, claims that the true percentage is far lower.

He states that when the campaign is able to get the signatures to the office for the secretary of state, then the ‘real campaign will begin’.

The campaign gained an extra 400,000 signatures between the months of February and March, giving off a high likelihood that they will hit the 2 million mark before March 17th.

One of the main figures within the campaign, Mike Netter, believes that they will hit this massive milestone.

Netter also believes that the people of California can already see the desperation beginning to seep into Newsom’s hasty policies, stating that if the Governor had focused on the issues of ‘real people’, then he wouldn’t have wound up in this situation.

Newsom’s position as Governor looks increasingly under threat, and although an election may not take place until later on this year, many are starting to count the days before he is out of the office for good.