Imagine for a second that you’re a straight, white man who’s just going about their life in a way that makes them happy, sounds good right?

Well, if you ever come across a Wokeist whilst you’re a straight, white man, then prepare to be lectured about how evil and bigoted you are…just for being yourself.

The Wokeists absolutely love identity (as long as you’re not straight, white or a biological man), they love people being who they are, which is why it’s okay to be a gay, black women because that’s who they are (and they fall perfectly on the minority pyramid for being gay, black and a woman).

But what is Wokeism?

Wokeism is the state that leftist ideology currently fins itself stuck in, refusing to change whilst believing everything they say to be fact.

Wokeism has spread across the west faster than any religion could ever dream about, criticising and revolting against the culture of the nation that resides in, whilst using a combination of buzzwords to demonise anyone who dares to speak out.

The ideology of Wokeism aligned perfectly with the left’s ability to shut down debate, all whilst being ignorant to the facts.

Wokeists use this combination of the left alongside Wokeism in order to ‘cancel’ individuals, using the aforementioned buzzwords to tear down your family and your career.

It is ok to be a male multi-millionaire, as long as you are not white

For example, multi-millionaire basketball player LeBron James, a black man who is idolized across the world for his sporting talent and achievements, was defended by the Woke brigade after he claimed that black people are ‘literally hunted’ whenever they leave their homes; a statement which was not only overexaggerated but an outright lie to his millions upon millions of followers and supporters.

Wokeists jumped to his aid as they follow two core beliefs of ‘their truth’ and ‘their lived experience’, a tool used in order to disregard facts when confronted by debate.

They justified James’ statement by claiming that this was ‘his truth’.

But why did they do this?

On the pyramid of minorities, one cannot question the beliefs of an individual who belongs to an oppressed group.

If you question the outlandish statements of a black, successful, multi-millionaire athlete, then you will forever be labelled as a bigot and a racist.

However, there is a flip side, where Wokeists expose the inconsistencies of their terrible ‘religion’.

In the United States, the majority of the citizens living there are white, which is why white people are evil.

So, on the pyramid of minorities, it is very easy to assume that Asian Americans will be granted the same privileges that Wokeism provides other ethnic minorities?

Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

In the traditional American meritocracy, Asian Americans are the most successful ‘oppressed’ group, getting well-paid jobs and having successful careers.

Due to this fact, the Wokeists of today will completely disregard their ‘oppressed’ status, unless it fits their agenda, such as claiming labelling the Coronavirus as the ‘China virus’ (its place of origin) is racist and oppressive.

How they get their way

Ever heard of cancel culture? The act of destroying someone’s personal and professional life simply because they do not agree with you, another favourite tool the Wokeists use in order to get their way.

By threatening individuals with this process, those who disagree are more likely to conform to Wokeism, as they fear the potential damage to their lives.

This very sinister act has been deployed on numerous occasions, mainly used to target celebrities who refuse to spew out the Wokeist agenda.

Celebrities such as J.K. Rowling, Joaquin Phoenix, Ricky Gervais and more recently; Gina Carano, have faced the wrath of cancel culture and Wokeism, just for voicing opinions that they disagree with.

If you’re not a celebrity, then Wokeists will attempt to cancel you in different ways, such as reporting you to your boss, accusing you of being every ‘ist’ and ‘phobe’ in the book so you lose your career.

Then, they will move onto your personal life, shaming you to your friends and family on social media in order to isolate you away from everyone, all because you disagree with their views.

Wokeists understand that they will lose a debate and will be shown up for their views if they ever engaged, so in order to protect themselves, they destroy others for having a separate viewpoint.

They will dig up old tweets and photos from 10 years ago and proclaim you are still the same person, giving them a feeling of moral superiority as they cause your life to collapse.

Wokeism is not a religion or an ideology, it’s a plague that needs to be eradicated in order for the political divisions across the globe to be healed.