Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinema was one of the Senate Democrats — along with the likes of Joe Manchin — who torpedoed the far-left’s dream of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Considering that this dream would be a horrid nightmare for low-skilled and inexperienced workers who are still trying to get a foot in the door of the job market, we should all really be grateful to her.

But of course that’s not how Bernie Sanders, AOC and the usual suspects on the far-left feel about her at all. They have resorted to throwing their usual tantrums and have passionately vilified her.

They’ve even poked fun at her body language and the exaggerated way she made known her displeasure with the proposed minimum wage hike.

Thankfully, Sinema wasn’t having it and proceeded to blast these supposedly “tolerant” and “progressive” people for their vile hypocrisy.

Sinema Thumbs Down the Minimum Wage

Economists have known for centuries that if you force employers to pay workers more than the market judges them to be worth, those workers will simply not be hired. The true, natural minimum wage is $0, and if you make it illegal to hire someone at a given price, that person will simply end up making nothing. The government cannot manufacture economic value by merely signing a law. To believe that it can is to believe in magic.

The only way for workers to increase their earnings is for them to acquire more skills and do things that justify their employers in investing more money into them.

Sinema, whether because she realizes this elementary truth or because she is simply under pressure from conservative voters in her state, therefore refused to vote to add the federal minimum wage hike to Biden’s COVID relief bill.

To signal this, she made an amusing and very exaggerated “thumbs down” motion on the Senate floor.

In a fury, the left began to attack her mannerisms, make fun of her, call her names and do all of the usual things they do whenever someone even mildly disagrees with them.

Sinema Fires Back

Sinema, to her credit, did not allow the hilarious opportunity to expose the blatant hypocrisy of her own side pass her by. In response, Hannah Hurley, one of Sinema’s spokespeople, said that “Commentary about a female senator’s body language, clothing or physical demeanor does not belong in a serious media outlet.”

Understandably, Sinema insinuated that these were sexist comments — and if Republicans or conservatives had made them, you can be sure that that is how they would be described.

The left, of course, freaked out and grew indignant, but only because Sinema was right.