For all of the attempts of the mainstream media—including mainstream social media—to hide it, it’s nevertheless true that Joe Biden, his family, and the lion’s share of his entire administration have extremely close ties to the Chinese communist regime.

These are ties that reach beyond mere shady and nepotistic financial dealings. They are the sort of ties that lead Biden and his people to ignore or minimize genocidal atrocities going on in China as of this moment. This is something that not only Biden himself has done on numerous occasions but his current and would-be cabinet members as well.

Like Biden himself, Xavier Becerra, his nominee for head of HHS, also dismissed the atrocities of the Chinese communists as a product of “cultural differences.”

During his confirmation hearing, when asked about these mass crimes, Becerra said, “We have two very different cultures, and we have two very different perspectives on the world. That’s not to say one perspective is better than the other.”

But the ties run even deeper than that.

Thankfully, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has had enough of all of it. He recently went on a glorious tear on Twitter, producing a thread that documented and exposed many of these ties.

Cruz Exposes the Biden Administration

In his thread, Senator Cruz pointed out the many ways in which the Biden administration has already capitulated to Beijing and worked, directly or indirectly, to ingratiate itself with the Chinese leadership.

For instance, he pointed out that Biden has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which essentially exempts China and gives it carte blanche to keep polluting, thus allowing the Chinese to develop their own economy while hampering the efforts of Western countries to develop theirs.

Biden has rejoined WHO, the lion’s share of who’s funding now comes from China. WHO infamously denied that COVID-19 was transmissible between humans as late as January of 2020, thus collaborating with the Chinese government in the spread of disinformation and helping it to save face.

Cruz also pointed out that Biden’s choice to run the CIA, William Burns, was the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace when the organization “received 2 MILLION from a Chinese businessman and a think tank with ties to the CCP.”

Gina Raimondo, whom Biden wants to be Secretary of Commerce, refused to say that she would keep Huawei—a Chinese tech company rumored to be spying for the CCP—on the Entity List.

Biden’s pick for UN Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, has a history of making excuses for Chinese human rights atrocities and has even given a paid speech at the Confucius Institute, a shady organization that encourages “cooperation” between Chinese and American universities on all sorts of projects.

The list goes on. But all the reader needs to know is that the current occupant of the White House and his entire political entourage have been bought and paid for by the Chinese.

Senator Cruz has done a great thing by bringing this all to the attention of the public.