Things just keep getting worse and worse for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

It’s now an incontrovertible fact that Cuomo purposefully hid statistics about the true death toll from COVID-19 that happened at nursing homes in his state and that he hid them not only from the public but from other Democratic lawmakers.

It also appears to be incontrovertible that this decision was made for exceptionally craven reasons. Basically, Cuomo did not want to risk having the Trump DOJ investigate him and draw the obvious conclusion about what happened—that Cuomo’s demand that nursing homes admit COVID-positive patients caused ghastly amounts of totally avoidable death.

Moreover, there have been reports from Cuomo’s own health officials that he repeatedly ignored their advice and cozied up to hospital lobbyists instead, sometimes driving said officials into despair and resignation.

Plus, a storm of sexual harassment allegations has appeared and begun looming over Cuomo’s head as well.

This was the man whom the left had praised as a decisive and capable leader not long ago, a man who was awarded an Emmy and who published a self-congratulatory book lauding his own COVID response.

But again, the hits just keep on coming. Now that Trump is no longer president, it has magically become safe to criticize Cuomo, and it appears that Cuomo’s self-congratulatory book is at the center of another scandal.

Cuomo’s Book Was a Carefully Constructed Fraud

According to a report recently issued by the New York Times, Cuomo’s own top aides and hatchet men appear to have pressured officials in his own health department to alter a crucial report so that it wouldn’t display the total number of those who died from COVID-19 in nursing homes.

Perhaps even worse is the fact that this demand was issued right as Cuomo was preparing to write his book.

Documents and interviews obtained by the Times prove that the report in question was ordered to be rewritten.

Could anything be more emblematic of the mafia-like style in which Cuomo runs his government? Could anything be more indicative of the man’s rampant narcissism?