Since Biden’s inauguration on January 20th, there has been a dramatic surge in illegal immigration.

This comes as a consequence of the borderless policies that have been brought by President Biden.

Apart from the risk that thousands of immigrants crossing the border will only worsen the ongoing pandemic, there are also numerous security concerns, related to human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Furthermore, hundreds of Hispano children are held in custody not because of the border patrol but rather due to the faulty migration policies.

Still, the current Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, doesn’t seem to mind.

Blaming the Surge of Illegal Immigration on Hurricanes

A couple of days ago, Jen Psaki held a daily briefing during which she was asked numerous questions including a couple related to the immigration problem.

According to her, what’s happening on the borders isn’t a consequence of imprudent and rationless open borders policies.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggests that people are migrating from Central America due to the hurricanes that devastated their homes.

While we do agree that November hurricanes were destructive, this happened almost five months ago, and with that in mind, it is tough to agree that the immigrants crossing the border now are in any way related to those occurrences.

Additionally, several trend analyses suggest that the surge came after Biden’s inauguration, and hundreds of immigrants were photographed wearing support shirts for the President.

This all implies that the peak number of children and immigrants crossing the border is a result of the acts that he brought.

Record-High Immigration Numbers as the Cause for Humanitarian Crisis

If we were to consider Biden’s rhetoric the safe conclusion would be that he is the one motivating asylum seekers and even illegal immigration.

Before the election, Biden implied that once he assumes office, deportation will be deferred for at least 100 days.

Thus, it would be ridiculous to blame hurricanes or the immigrants on the present humanitarian crisis, since those people are obviously just answering the call of the USA President.

The biggest issue with this is that in the process, hundreds of children will be abused (and not by USA citizens), as cartels see them as the safest method to smuggle drugs.

Lack of Transparency

Unfortunately, we don’t see anyone from the Executive Office of President to admit that these policies are wrong and take responsibility for what is happening.

At the end of the day, the fact that most of the public isn’t aware of the truth, and ongoing issue, but is bombarded by headlines of “white supremacist” is the root of this crisis.