The public is constantly bombarded by headlines about “white supremacy”, suggesting that Republican politicians and their supporters promote racism and discrimination.

On the other hand, most news channels and television networks don’t care about the ostracism that certain Senators and Associates of the “Grand Old Party” are constantly subjected to.

The most recent case is that of Joy Reid, an MSNBC announcer, and a political analyst, attacking Tim Scott, a junior Senator for South Carolina.

Joy Reid Dismissing Tim Scott as a Republican “Prop”

According to Joy Reid, Tim Scott is a Republican Senator not because he freely chose to be, but rather because GOP needs him on-board in order to prove that they don’t have anything against diversity.

To clarify even more, according to Reid, the Republican Party is actually using Senator Scott because of his skin color!

Had such statements come from the conservative side of the political spectrum, Reid would have long ago fallen victim to a “cancel culture”.

Little to say, this isn’t the first Reid’s controversial statement as prior to this case she referred to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Clarence”.

How Did Tim Scott Respond?

As the first African American to assume a role of a South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott responded to these accusations.

He was given that opportunity on the “Fox News Primetime”, a Monday night show, in which he suggested that the comments Joy Reid made are unacceptable.

Tim Scott said that Reid’s statements lack common sense, and that even though he understands that the Democrats are opposed to GOP, there needs to be some form of mutual respect.

Furthermore, he emphasized that “woke supremacy” that is integrated into the “cancel culture” is as dangerous as “white supremacism” that leftists are always criticizing.

This is something that Trey Gowdy, the host of the show, agreed on commenting that Joy Reid’s approach is too wrong and superficial.

What Is “Woke Supremacy” All About?

While generalization is unnecessary, it is a fact that a good number of “woke” leftists simply don’t care about engaging in rational discussion.

Latest Reid’s statement, as well as the “modus operandi” pursued by the Democrats, confirms that “woke supremacists” are more interested in launching personal attacks while avoiding any kind of constructive conversation.

The idea behind such policies holds ground in the fact that anyone who doesn’t agree with the “woke” mindset will be punished.

The latest examples of woke supremacy are more and more common every day and make less and less sense.

Currently, Dr. Seuss (a famous writer) is a subject of public condemnation for his “racistic stories”.

Furthermore, Pepe le Pew, a character that many of us enjoyed as children has been canceled as a result of the claims that he promotes sexual abuse and rape culture.

Such acts of cancel culture can be considered as nothing else but supremacism, and that is something that we all need to fight against.