Due to the COVID19 pandemic, most primary and high education institutions have switched to online classrooms, in order to stop the spread of the virus and prevent larger gatherings.

Consequently, there is a number of syndicates including the LA Teachers that don’t support the physical return to schools even though the pandemic is being put under control through the ongoing vaccination mechanism.

As they suggest, it is still too early.

On the other hand, there have been numerous reports of teachers from this group traveling and enjoying vacation days.

With the idea of putting an end to these allegations, the moderators of UTLA have advised teachers to stay away from sharing their activity through social media.

The Post Was Leaked by One of the Members

What is quite interesting is that the LA Teachers group is set to private, thus, it is clear that one of the members took a screenshot and leaked the UTLA message to the public before it was later shared by Bill Melugine who is an investigative correspondent and who posted the screenshot on his Twitter profile.

As previously mentioned, the LA teachers were told not to share photos or videos from their spring break travels, and one of the members suggested that it would be best to stay at home and set a good example (for this matter, we absolutely agree).

However, we are quite confident that most other members, and there are 5,700 in the group simply put an “Amen” on this recommendation.

Voting Against In-Person Classes

When asked about this Facebook post, the officials from the syndicate said that there are thousands of members and that they can’t be responsible for each post or opinion.

Still, it is undeniable that last week during a meeting more than 91% of the members (which is around 22,000) voted that it is still too early to bring back in-person classes.

The vote was further supported by Cecily Myart-Cruz who suggested that there is no point in returning to schools while the LA County is purple (COVID19 tiers).

High Hopes for April

As 40 of 58 counties in the State of California are purple, the risk of virus transmission is still quite high.

With that in mind, Austin Beutner who is a superintendent for the La Unified School District suggested that return to the elementary, middle, and high schools can be expected by the mid/end of April (if the vaccination goes according to plan).