The humanitarian crisis caused by COVID19 and illegal immigration grows with each day.

The number of illegal immigrants, as well as children that are ‘held in custody’ at the border, has massively increased since President Biden assumed office.

However, the Democrats and members of Joe’s administration don’t want to take any responsibility for the ongoing issues.

The best example of that was Tuesday’s conference during which Jen Psaki, a Press Secretary of the White House, suggested that the issue doesn’t concern them and that if the public is interested to find more on how accurate the immigration numbers are they should consult with the Department of Homeland Security.

The main issue here?

That department is run by Alejandro Mayorkas, who came as a Biden’s nominee and was confirmed very soon after.

“It’s Not Our Program,” Says Jen Psaki

The Tuesday briefing was pretty tense, and it was clear that Jen Psaki wanted to finish with the conference as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, the press had a lot of questions and most were related to the immigration crisis.

One of the reporters stood up and asked her whether the public should trust the numbers that DHS was registering.

Not wanting to face the truth, and trying to avoid any accountability, the Press Secretary answered that they should talk directly to the Department of Homeland Security since the issue is not the matter or program of the White House, as neither are hundreds of children that were held at the border patrol.

Will the Kids Be Taken Care of?

Although Jen Psaki didn’t want to accept the fact that there is a huge issue at the southern border, she suggested how they are doing their best to transport those kids from the border, and allow them to have free access to legal aid, education, and health aid.

The main justification that Psaki has for these issues is that it’s not their fault but rather a consequence of the living conditions in Central America.

Furthermore, she says that the White House is doing its best to cope with all the posted challenges by pulling out the root of the problem.

It’s pretty unclear how Biden’s administration plans to pull out the root of the problem since according to them, the problem was caused by the hurricanes that happened almost 6 months ago.

Given the huge lack of transparency, it is hard to give any calls on what will happen throughout this and the upcoming months.

The ongoing humanitarian crisis can’t be denied, and the relevant offices should start settling the issue by changing rationless border policies.