Royal Family Interview Causes Royal Conflict

The controversial interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has ignited emotions about racial relations all over the globe. The much-anticipated interview aired Sunday evening on CBS, setting off a series of discussions on various news networks. CNN’s Don Lemon did not hesitate to weigh in with his own opinion about the issue.

Markle’s Allegations About Racial Discrimination

During the interview, Markle told host Oprah Winfrey that the royal family informed her and Harry that their child would not have the same privileges as other children born into the monarchy. But what was most shocking was Meghan’s allegation that a senior member of the royal family expressed concern regarding the color of the baby’s skin.

Lemon’s Defense of Markle

As a Black American, it is not surprising to learn that Lemon immediately jumped to the defense of Markle. Lemon used his pulpit in his primetime cable news program to say that Markle’s comments were not that shocking to him. Lemon pointed out that the British monarchy has always been about bloodlines, making it not surprising that they would wonder about baby Archie’s skin tone.

It should be noted that Lemon did not make an attempt to hear the other side of the argument while he was going on with his rant. Although many people have come to the defense of the royal family, Lemon will clearly stay on this side of the debate with Markle. In addition to his commentary on his own show, Lemon also appeared on CNN earlier in the day as a guest of Brianna Keilar to talk about the race issue.