On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki eschewed a direct answer to CNN questions about the rise in illegal immigration.

After his virtual meeting with President Biden in early March, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador described Biden as the ‘migrant president’ whose term of office many Mexicans perceive as an opportunity to enter the northern neighbor of Mexico.

Sources from the Mexican government suggested that President Biden’s immigration policies might be responsible for the spike in illegal immigration levels, usually accompanied by various kinds of organized crime, such as drug and human trafficking.

President Lopez Obrador added that two countries have to join forces to tackle the border issues, identifying the current situation as intractable on a short-term basis.

Several officials from the Mexican government pointed out that criminal gangs promptly responded to newly instituted U.S. policies by making their businesses more sophisticated.

Psaki confused

White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki did not have clear answers to the allegations coming from Mexico.

During her recent CNN interview, Psaki reiterated that Mexico is a crucial U.S. partner in addressing the new migrant spikes and added that she is confident that most migrants would not get accepted into the country.

She emphasized that the Biden Administration is committed to a humane approach to immigration, saying that unaccompanied minors would be permitted to enter the country until they find homes.

Press Secretary also stressed that she understands that new policies stimulated more people from Latin America to head toward the U.S.

CNN further asked Psaki about the administration’s unwillingness to define the situation as a crisis.

Press Secretary responded that the situation remains ‘an enormous challenge’ and the main focus of President Biden’s policy regardless of how one calls it.

When alarmed about the inhospitable conditions in which migrant children are currently being accommodated, Psaki said that various meetings are being held to address the situation but that no final decisions were reached so far.

She announced that the assessment of other facilities, as well as arrangements with families and other supporters, are being considered.

Psaki concluded by saying that she is aware that border patrol facilities are not the places where children should stay.

She added that it is not important how the situation is characterized but to find permanent and comfortable homes for displaced children.