As of Tuesday, March 9, the total number of women accusing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of various levels of sexual harassment has shot up to six.

When the governor’s younger brother, the overt propagandist Chris Cuomo, had him on his show to fawn over him, the two brothers at one point started yukking it up. Chris Cuomo called Andrew Cuomo the “luv guv.”

That means that he knew about the governor’s inappropriate relations with women. It means they all knew.

Unsurprisingly, Governor Cuomo’s office tried to minimize this latest accusation, saying that he had merely touched the woman inappropriately for a bit while she was at the governor’s mansion on official business.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that Cuomo’s people are covering something up yet again.

It appears that the truth of what happened between Governor Cuomo and this sixth woman is so much worse.

Serious Allegations

The woman making the allegations is a female aide to the governor, though her name has not yet been made public at this time. According to another person who is familiar with what happened between Cuomo and this woman, Cuomo invited her to the governor’s mansion under the pretext of helping him deal with a technical issue with his mobile phone.

But once he had gotten the woman alone in his residence, he closed the door behind her and then began reaching underneath her skirt and fondling her.

Even though these allegations are now being made third-hand — one anonymous person reporting on the experience of another anonymous person — they are nevertheless extremely serious.

If true, Cuomo’s actions would constitute misdemeanor sexual assault, a far more serious charge than mere sexual harassment.

Cuomo, of course, denies the allegations. Speaking to NBC News, he said, “As I said yesterday, I have never done anything like this. I am not going to speak to the specifics of this or any other allegation given the ongoing review, but I am confident in the result of the Attorney General’s report.”

Given that the Attorney General he’s referring to is the same one who exposed him for lying about and covering up his state’s COVID-related nursing home death totals, Cuomo’s confidence may be misplaced.

Even Cuomo’s erstwhile political allies are turning on him.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has already called on him to resign after the emergency of this latest allegation. De Blasio himself, no doubt, also has his eye on the governor’s mansion.

There have already been multiple calls issued by New York Democrats for Cuomo to resign, but he has rebuffed them all. From a high of 71% last April, his approval rating has crashed to a dismal 38%.