Back on Thursday night, President Joe Biden addressed the public answering questions on several issues, including the vaccination goal and whether July 4th gatherings will be allowed.

According to what Biden and Ron Klein, the Chief of Staff suggested, it is easy to conclude that the Establishment is planning to determine who we can and who we can’t meet.

While there was a lot of discussion on whether smaller groups should be allowed, they suggested it is too early to make any decisions.

What do the public and Republicans think about it?

Ted Cruz’s tweet says it all.

“Come and Take It,” Says, Ted Cruz

The fact that the White House wants to take full control over people’s freedoms can’t be accepted.

That is something that the Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, suggested through his simple yet powerful message - “come and take it”.

Posted above a barbecue grill, the politician wanted to refer that statements such as the one that Ron Kleina and President Joe Biden made aren’t for the better of anybody.

According to him, it is hard to believe that all of the USA will be vaccinated by May 1 which is a proviso for the July 4th gatherings to be allowed.

CNN Journalist Doesn’t See Anything Wrong

It is pretty interesting how Jim Scuitto, who works for CNN considers that restricting gatherings on Independence Day is perfectly normal.

Retweeting Ted Cruz’s post, he asked why everything has to be turned into a fight and controversy.

Unfortunately, we can’t agree with him as the leftist media and Democratic supporters bombarded the public with anti-Trump headlines as he was imposing COVID19 prevention measures.

Apparently, people should keep their opinions to themselves and have no right to ask for their freedom.

What concerns us is that a good number of people have their white flags up not willing to question whether Biden’s policies and decisions make any sense.

What To Expect From the Independence Day Celebration?

Yes, Ted Cruz is absolutely right when he tweets that CNN’s concerns are puzzling.

As of now, no one knows what’s going to happen in the upcoming months and whether President Biden and the Democratic Party will support the celebration on the 4th of July.

Still, one thing is certain.

We shouldn’t stop questioning and discussing controversial statements and decisions that are imposed on a daily basis.