Republican Representative for Texas, Chip Roy, has claimed that the current Biden Administration is transforming the Department of Homeland Security into a ‘welcome mat’ for the thousands of illegal immigrants that cross the unprotected southern border.

Roy was visiting a maxed out migrant facility in Carizzo Springs when he spoke to Harris Faulkner of Fox News, as he placed the blame for the worsening of the crisis on America’s southern border onto President Joe Biden, citing that the one significant change in the last few months has been Biden taking office.

What was the full scoop?

Roy visited the facility, which he claims was ravaged with poor children who had been infected with Covid-19, without any tests being performed throughout.

He claims that this facility, and many others throughout the state of Texas that are full or over capacity, are a direct result of the open border policies enacted in the early days of the Biden Administration, who defunded entirely the border wall that was being constructed on the southern border as well as enacting the ‘catch and release’ Obama-era policy.

Roy stated that these policies are turning the Department of Homeland Security into a ‘welcome mat’ for illegal immigrants and children, who are putting their lives at risk to end up in a horrific detention facility.

He further examined Biden’s catch and release policy, claiming that not only is it endangering the lives of the illegal immigrants that cross over, it is also endangering the lives of average American citizens, who have to deal with the consequences of thousands of illegal immigrants being released into their communities.

Is the Administration ignoring the crisis?

The Administration has been claiming for the last few weeks that there is no crisis on the southern border and that the reopening of some facilities has only been done to ensure Covid guidelines are met.

Faulkner points this out to Roy, asking if the government truly believes there isn’t a crisis, then why have they sent the Federal Emergency Management Agency to set up yet another facility, miles away from the border, to deal with the overflowing of migrants who are still being allowed into the country?

The Donna facility in Texas was reopened last month, in order to align with Covid guidelines, however, since its reopening, it now holds over 1,800 migrants, over 700% of its original capacity.

Roy points out to Faulkner that due to the negligence of the administration to this crisis, thousands of illegal immigrants, many of whom are infected with Covid, are now having to be moved into new facilities to accommodate the mass influx of numbers from the border, thus endangering the lives of the migrants and of ordinary Americans.