Last night, Conservative personality Candance Owens engaged in a huge public row on Twitter with rapper and celebrity Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, after the controversial WAP performer posted screenshots that contained a fabricated tweet regarding Owens and private members of her family.

Cardi claimed that the tweet was true as it was featured ‘on google’, even after Owens threatened the rapper with a lawsuit for defamation of character.

What went down?

The drama kicked off on Tuesday after Cardi B responded to a clip of Owens appearing on Fox News, where she criticized the rapper’s performance at the Grammys after she publicly imitated sex acts with another female performer.

Owens criticized the general performance, labeling it as ‘disgusting’, whilst claiming Cardi B was a ‘cancer’ for young, black girls.

Cardi fired back at Owens, accusing her of being ‘submissive to a white man’ after Owens had posted a video of her making a sandwich for her husband whilst she was 9 months pregnant with her first child.

Naturally, Owens defended the video, stating that there was nothing wrong with having ‘a healthy relationship.’

When did the tweet come into play?

An exchange of pops and insults continued between the pair for hours into the night, until Cardi posted a fabricated tweet from Owens.

The tweet implied that Owens had caught her husband sleeping with her brother, and when she asked to join in, they told her no.

Owens rebuffed the tweet easily, mocking Cardi for believing an ‘obviously photoshopped’, whilst suggesting that ‘only one of us has a husband that sleeps around’, a direct shot towards the rapper whose husband, Offset, has allegedly cheated on her numerous times.

Cardi then went on to double down on her claim, stating that the tweet was not photoshopped and that Owens was ‘trending all day’ after she tweeted.

This back and forth continued, with Cardi B constantly attempting to substantiate a false tweet, claiming that just because it appeared on a blog site, then it surely must be true.

The public spat ended after Owens stated she will ‘100% be suing’ the rapper for the ‘wild lies against private members’ of her family.

The Candance Owens/Cardi B lawsuit is sure to be an interesting affair!