Despite being slammed continually in the media, former President Donald Trump still has the unwavering support of the Alabama GOP. In a recent unanimous resolution, the party honored Trump for being “one of the greatest and most effective presidents” in the history of the nation.

Details of the Resolution

It is hard to argue with the resolution when you read the list of 10 reasons cited for the honor. Included in the list are explanations of how the former president pushed through the Operation Warp Speed COVID-19 vaccination effort, put the American worker first, withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord, enacted tax cuts, appointed three conservative justices to the US Supreme Court, created US Space Force, moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and more.

Presenting It to Trump

In order to show their appreciation for the work of the former president, the Alabama GOP presented him a framed copy of the resolution. The gift was presented to Trump last Saturday at his home at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

One of the senior leaders of the Alabama GOP, Perry Hooper Jr., told Fox News that he believes that Trump is an even better president than Ronald Reagan. Hooper once served as Trump’s campaign co-chairman in Alabama in 2016. Most recently, he worked during the 2020 campaign on the finance committee.

Standing Up to China

Another key tenant of the resolution praised Trump for standing up to China. Along with this accomplishment, Trump was able to stimulate the manufacturing industry in the country. Together, these actions were a significant reason why the American economy was roaring under Trump’s leadership.