It is becoming clear that Nevada did indeed rush their election process, causing havoc in the process. New data from the 2020 presidential election shows that the state acted too quickly in mailing out their ballots. As a result, many of the ballots went to the wrong addresses.

Looking at the Data

The latest data demonstrates that 92,367 mail ballots came back as undeliverable. These ballots were sent out by Clark County election officials using outdated or wrong addresses. It is obvious that it would have been easy for the wrong person to simply fill out the ballot and send it back in.

Implications of Mistake

What is most concerning is the thought that this mistake could have had a significant effect on the outcome of the election.

Remember that President Joe Biden only won Nevada by 33,596 votes. With 92,367 ballots being potentially sent to the wrong people, it is not a big leap to see how this could have swung the results of the important election.

This number is just a fraction of the problem because it only represents Clark County, home to Las Vegas. It is unclear how many ballots were sent to the wrong addresses throughout the state.

Proposed Legislation Could Make Problem Worse

Despite the many reports of voter irregularities, a new bill is being pushed in Congress designed to give the federal government control over state elections. Known as H.R.1, the bill would eliminate the control that individual states have over their elections by mandating mail-in balloting. More alarmingly, the legislation would prevent state election officials from rightfully scrutinizing the eligibility of its voters to ensure a fair election.