It seems Joe Biden isn’t the only prominent member of the Biden administration to go out of his way to avoid ever having to answer questions. Kamala Harris has joined in on the action as well.

During a recent event in Colorado with her husband, she took no formal questions at all from reporters. In particular, she has spent quite a bit of time of late desperately squirming to avoid having to answer questions on two subjects which, right now, are extremely embarrassing to Democrats: the ongoing downfall of Andrew Cuomo and the ghastly immigration crisis developing at the border.

At least with Biden, the excuse exists that he has dementia and that, with each passing day, he becomes less and less likely to even be able to understand questions, let alone answer them coherently.

But what’s Harris’ excuse?

To be blunt, the “excuse” is that the country is now ruled by an arrogant and imperious political class that doesn’t believe that it has any obligation to justify its actions to the public. To these people, the media, insofar as it has any purpose at all, exists only to repeat, amplify and ratify the decisions that the political class has already made. It exists to “manufacture consent” and to propagandize the public. Shamefully, the media dutifully fulfills this function almost all of the time.

Occasionally, however, random and unintentional acts of real journalism do happen. When they do, they invariably expose how venal, conceited, decadent and useless the country’s rulers are.

That is precisely what happened when a journalist was finally able to force an answer out of Kamala Harris about the nation’s border crisis.

Random Act of Journalism

During the aforementioned event in Colorado, one dogged reporter did manage to yell out a question to Harris about the border crisis as she was about to step aboard her plane. Thankfully for us all, Her Highness deigned to respond.

That response, however, managed to be both infuriatingly vacuous and terrifyingly revealing at one and the same time. It was simply this: “I haven’t been briefed on anything today about it, but I will when I get on the plane.”

Are people really supposed to believe that Harris knows nothing about what is going on at the Southern border?

Are people really supposed to believe that she doesn’t know that Biden’s rhetoric has attracted swarms of migrants from South and Central America that the country’s immigration system is utterly unprepared to handle? Are people supposed to believe that she doesn’t know that an astonishing 13,000 minors are currently in U.S. custody as a direct result of this mess?

Politicians, in the nature of things, always treat the public like they’re stupid. They always lie and skirt around the truth. But this is egregious.