Remember the time when President Donald Trump walked cautiously down a ramp at West Point, slower than he usually would, and CNN ran an analysis on ‘why the ramp story actually matters?’

Then there was the time when President Trump drank a glass of water with two hands at a rally at West Point, one day after the ramp “incident”, the media acted as if the President was about to collapse, and questioned his ability to continue in office.

MSNBC even had 6 guests on one show to discuss issues regarding Trump’s health after West Point.

Now, President Joe Biden has taken a tumble, falling three times consecutively up the steps of Air Force One, so you can assume that he received the same coverage, right?


Not a wink of coverage!

The White House released a statement after footage of the incident had aired, stating the President was ‘absolutely fine’ after his public fall, yet refused to answer questions regarding the President’s long-term health, and if the fall was a sign of something worse.

However, the media silence on the matter is deafening and really puts a pin in the point of media bias.

The video itself is actually tough to watch when you consider the fact that the man is 78-years old and is known to have previous health issues, which have been displayed through various speeches; his cognitive functions are often brought into question, and rightfully so.

However, the video itself is rather sad.

The President of the United States began his climb up the Air Force One steps as he usually would, climbing at a brisk pace before he trips up for the first time.

He is able to recover for a moment as he continues up the steps before he trips again.

The third trip occurs straight after the second as he attempted to get back on his feet.

Many speculated on Twitter that on the third trip, the President had hit his head on the banister of the steps, with numerous, zoomed-in captures of the moment circulating online.

After the third fall, the President recovers and makes it to the top of the steps, before saluting and heading inside.

This incident doesn’t do much for Biden’s image, which has been deteriorating over the last few days after Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly called him out for an unscripted, live debate.

Many now believe that the President of the United States is weak, America’s enemies and allies are both drawing their own conclusions, however, Biden’s ‘gaffe’ on the steps of Air Force One will not help, so maybe the media silence on the issue could come good after all…