Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren has claimed that the filibuster process in the Senate has ‘deep roots in racism’.

The Senator made the comments whilst speaking to Axios on Thursday, as she claimed the process of the legislative filibuster ‘was not an original idea of the founding fathers’.

She continued her statement by claiming that the filibuster should not be permitted to serve or veto the minority, whilst proclaiming that in a healthy Democracy, ‘it’s majority rules’.

Her interview comes as many progressive Democrats seek to bring an end to the Senate tradition.

What’s the full claim?

Warren claimed to Axios in her interview that, at the Constitutional Convention, the founding fathers held a debate regarding whether or not a ‘supermajority’ would be required in both the Senate and the House.

She stated that they opted for both Houses of Congress to operate on a simple majority, with the exception of impeachment charges, which require a supermajority in the Senate in order to convict a President of wrongdoing (if you’re not familiar with impeachment by now then where have you been for the last two years!)

She then went onto claim that the process of the filibuster came later on, and was used as a tool by the southern states in order to veto civil rights legislation and laws that would limit or ban lynching.

Because of this, she claims that the process of the filibuster is thereby racist and should not be practiced.

The Filibuster Fight

Warren’s comments come at a time where voting rights laws are being heavily debated in both branches of Congress, with the House recently passing H.R.1, a bill that would drastically change voter laws up and down the country.

The Majority Leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, stated that ‘all cards are on the table’ when it comes to passing the H.R.1 bill through the Senate, as almost every single Republican is expected to vote against the legislation.

The Minority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has blasted at those who believe the practice of filibuster should be eradicated, stating that no federal law would ever get settled, whilst also claiming that Biden’s narrow win, coupled with the Senate being tied at 50-50, proves that the 2020 election set no mandate for Congress to drastically alter America.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has weighed in on the argument, stating that he believes that process of filibuster shouldn’t be thrown away completely.

The President believes that instead of destroying the practice, the Senate can return it to its previous form, known as the ‘talking filibuster’.