The recall of the Democrat Governor for California, Gavin Newsom, appears to be all but certain after the latest round of signature confirmations show that the campaign is well on its way to achieving the necessary number to trigger a recall.

The supports of the recall claim they had submitted over 2.1 million signatures for review, which is way higher than the 1.5 million needed.

A recently released report stated that 1.2 million signatures collected had successfully passed through the verification process, meaning the campaign will only know now require 300,000 more valid signatures to pass for the recall to be triggered.

Is Newsom afraid?

On Tuesday, Governor Newsom faced questions from reporters, many of which preferred to focus on the topic of his potential recall.

The Governor appears to have finally come to terms with reality, as he accepted that the recall will be on the ballot in the fall elections.

The petition for his recall currently has an 82% signature validatory rate, which will give them more than enough signatures to pose the question to Californians.

Republican activist Orrin Heatlie claimed that Newsom had finally accepted his fate and that he had finally realized that the call was a ‘viable threat to his political future.’

Politico reported that the recall question is now very likely to appear on the ballot in the fall, where Californians will be asked if they would like to recall the current Governor, and if they answer yes, they will be asked who they’d want to replace him.

Recall timeline

The petition to recall the Governor was first set up in February of 2020, just shy of a year after his election.

As Covid-19 and lockdowns ravaged the state’s economy, momentum for the petition increased ten-fold, with their grievances becoming more and more known.

The RecallGavin campaign states that they are seriously concerned about high taxes in the state, as well as rising levels of homelessness and the failure of the Governor to reopen businesses in the state after the initial Covid outbreak in the spring of 2020.

However, Newsom and his team shot back at the recall efforts, claiming that it was rooted in racism.

A group called ‘Stop the Republican Recall’ released a statement after the recall movement gained the necessary signatures to trigger the recall, claiming that the core group of people behind the movement were ‘Anti-vaccine QAnon extremists and violent white supremacists’, as they attempted to link the movement to the January 6th Capitol Riots, in a desperate attempt to discredit their beliefs.

However, the show must go on, it does not matter how many times you falsely scream racist to delegitimize a movement, people see right through it, and this level of desperation clearly shows that Newsom and his allies are terrified, and are completely aware that he is about to lose his power as a result of his own shortcomings in office.

Bye-bye Gav, it’s been fun!