Reporter Calls Out Biden for Handpicking Media Coverage for Personal Gain

A reporter with NBC News recently inadvertently confirmed that the administration of President Joe Biden is potentially handpicking its questions by only allowing certain members of the press access to briefings. NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett admitted that Biden’s press team manipulates the media in order to receive the questions that paint him a good light.

No Press Conferences for Biden

The White House press corps is growing increasingly antsy that Biden has not yet held a press conference on his own. This marks the longest time period that a sitting president has gone without addressing the media in a formal setting. It is typical for a new president to answer questions from reporters in a formal setting within a few weeks of taking office.

Excuses, Excuses

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Biden has not done so yet because they needed to make sure that the press conference was performed in a manner compliant with COVID-19 regulations. Critics point out that this does not make sense because Psaki has been able to conduct her own daily media briefings in a safe way over the last 58 days.

Psaki also defended the absence of a formal press conference by saying that the president has conducted numerous short Q&A sessions with the media. However, as Bennett revealed, these sessions generally benefit Biden because his team can control who attends so that they receive softball questions.

It should be noted that Biden does finally have an official press briefing on the schedule. This is scheduled for Thursday, March 25.