As every astute observer of politics knows, it’s nearly impossible to carry on that business for any significant length of time without lying — often without lying openly and brazenly. Frequently, the lies tend to become so brazen, in fact, that they insult the intelligence of everyone who hears them. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently issued just such a lie about the current situation at the southern border.

Nothing Is Under Control

According to a Fox News report, Pelosi insisted to reporters on Friday, March 19, at a weekly news conference at the Capitol that President Joe Biden truly does have the situation at the southern border “under control.”

But to say this, one would have to be either entirely ignorant of the true nature of that situation or simply lying through one’s teeth.

It’s not likely that Pelosi is ignorant of the true state of things at the border, so that pretty much narrows it down.

Specifically, Pelosi said the following: “The Biden administration has this totally under control. It is changed and it will take some time, but it is values-based, humanitarian… [and] pragmatic with a plan to get things done.”

This is an astonishing way to describe a situation where thousands of people are swarming across the border and running into an immigration system that simply doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of resources necessary to process them all. Fueled by Biden’s irresponsible virtue-signaling rhetoric, countless people are streaming over the southern border in the belief that abundant jobs, open promises and copious economic opportunities await them.

Nothing like this is actually true.

What in fact is going on is that people — including countless unaccompanied children — have been brought across the border with the help of ruthless groups of drug and sex traffickers. Many of these people have suffered ghastly atrocities at the hands of drug cartel members before even arriving in America. And after arriving, they have found that no adequate means exist to process them in an orderly manner. This only creates more chaos and privation for all involved.

Plus, despite the long overdue actions of states like Missouri and Texas, much of the country continues to groan under the weight of politically imposed lockdowns that have had virtually no demonstrable effect in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Even if these people could safely get into the country, no jobs would be awaiting them.

Insofar as the likes of Pelosi are even willing to acknowledge that there is any semblance of a problem, they are quick to — what else? — blame Trump for it, alleging that he handed a broken immigration system down to the Democrats. But this, too, is a blatant lie. The border was quite secure under Trump. Illegals were swiftly and efficiently prevented from crossing, so much so that many gave up and attempted illegal border crossings went down.

Pelosi thinks that we’re all stupid, that we don’t have eyes or a brain that we can use to look at and analyze the situation for ourselves. But this is the wearisome nature of politics. We can be sure that only yet more brazen lies will follow.