For a party that currently controls the Presidency, the House of Representatives, and the deciding vote in the Senate, you’d be forgiven for believing that the Democrats are having a good time in the world of politics at the moment.

This is simply not true, they are sweating, and rightfully so.

The border issue has become a complete disaster for them, their President is avoiding the press and is looking weaker than ever, inflation is rising and their foreign policy stances are in the mud.

Now, former President Donald Trump has quashed all their hopes of Republican infighting ahead of the 2022 midterms, something which the Democrats were banking on to break the cycle of destruction halfway through a new President’s term.

How bad will it get for the Dems?

Very, very bad.

It’s a historical fact that halfway through the first term of a new President, the House and the Senate always flips.

The Republicans are set to take back the House anyway, due to redistricting alone, and the Democrats know they’re operating on borrowed time.

They have been praying that Republican infighting before the 2022 midterms will give them a chance of keeping the House, and increasing their hold on the Senate, however, these prayers will not be answered.

Former President Donald Trump has effectively quashed all hopes of igniting a GOP civil war after he has stated that he will endorse Republican candidates ‘even if they’ve said something off-color’ about him in the past.

This one statement alone is massive for the Republicans, and detrimental for the Democrats, as Trump alone has effectively defused any possibility of any major infighting within the GOP, setting them up for a successful 2022.

Will it all be sunshine and rainbows in the GOP?

Not exactly.

There are still some unsavory characters in the GOP who will be up for re-election in 2022, with Liz Cheney being the standout star.

Will Trump endorse her? Probably not. Should he endorse her? Absolutely not.

Those who voted for the impeachment of President Trump, an impeachment that many argue was completely unconstitutional as he was a private citizen when his trial begun, must face the consequences of their actions; with those consequences being a strong primary challenge so they cannot be re-elected.

However, despite a few bumps in the road, the fact that Trump is willing to put petty politics aside in 2022 is a very promising sign for the Republicans, as it gives candidates who are best suited in their district but may not be a huge fan of the former President, a terrific chance to force the Democrats out of power.

Either way, Trump’s willingness to put the party before personal interest is the correct decision, and massively increases the chances of the GOP having a successful midterm campaign, which is needed given the current, disastrous policies the Democrats have been enforcing since the start of the year.

Bring on 2022!