The transgender movement is, without question, one of the most egregiously harmful bits of social engineering ever devised.

Under the pretext of promoting “acceptance” of transgendered people, governments are actively encouraging—no, demanding—that parents submit their children to irreversible surgeries that will permanently destroy their endocrine systems and cause other untold amounts of damage.

A recent case of this sort of thing in Canada involving a man named Robert Hoogland and his daughter is shocking and outrageous and will be sure to make your blood boil.

Father Railroaded for Trying to Defend His Child

At age 14, Robert Hoogland’s daughter decided that she wanted to be a boy. Naturally, the father believes his daughter to be far too young to make such a decision on her own.

It’s well-known that children who experience gender dysphoria generally lose those feelings after they have properly gone through puberty. Moreover, with transgenderism being so heavily promoted in popular culture today, it’s likely that Hoogland’s daughter had her gender dysphoria induced into her by her social environment.

A combination of his daughter’s school officials, a group of politically driven doctors, and even the Canadian Supreme Court has demanded that Hoogland refer to his daughter using male pronouns. Insanely, he was threatened with legal action if he refused to do this.

Then, the transgender industrial complex began subjecting Hoogland’s daughter to experimental and irreversible medical treatments, including administrations of “mega-doses” of testosterone.

Any sane father would object vociferously to such a thing being done, expressly against his wishes, to his young daughter.

When Hoogland did so, he was accused of “family violence and harassment,” and a cadre of so-called “trans rights activist legal advisors” railroaded him and prevented him and his wife from being able to speak out publicly against what was being done to their daughter.

Hoogland is now being held in contempt of court for simply trying to be a good father. He has started a GoGetFunding page to raise money for his legal defense.

The state, the school system, the courts, the medical profession, and even “science”—all of these have been weaponized in the service of an insane political agenda. This crazy Kafkaesque nightmare—and distressingly many others like it as well—proves it.

Ideologues have control of the state apparatus all over the Western world, and normal people should expect and prepare to be persecuted.