A Republican representative in the House has admitted that he wanted to bypass metal detectors at the US Capitol building solely to have the chance to take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to court. Andrew Clyde was assessed $15,000 in fines for evading the metal detectors twice. Pelosi installed the detectors on the House floor shortly after the January 6 attacks at the Capitol.

Pelosi’s Original Statement

Pelosi originally said that she was implementing the fines in an attempt to keep members of Congress safe. In addition to Clyde, GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas was fined for evading the detectors. Rep. Lauren Boebert from Colorado has also been a vocal critic of Pelosi’s rules.

Despite her detractors, Pelosi defended her decision by saying that they were simple rules designed to keep Congress safe.

Clyde’s Master Plan

As an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment and a gun store owner, Clyde said that he wanted to force Pelosi into federal court so that she had to defend the constitutionality of her rules. The representative from Georgia unveiled his plan in a story published over the weekend by Fox News.

Clyde also revealed that the actions by both him and Gohmert were pre-planned, saying that they were fine with taking on the fines if it meant that they had more legal standing.

Current Rules

According to the current rules on Capitol Hill, members of Congress are permitted to carry guns around the complex with the exception of the explicitly forbidden areas. This includes the House floor, the Rayburn Room, and the Speaker’s Lobby.

It should be noted that Clyde does not have a license to carry his gun in Washington, DC, yet.